Welcome to Doctors Nutrition Center

I am Dr. Dennis Clark, and I am very glad that you have arrived here.

As of the end of October, 2019, my research efforts are now dedicated to providing the best science-based information I can find on achieving optimal health.

This means that I will no longer maintain my online supplement store, Doctors Nutrition Center. If you truly want to order supplements through me, then I urge you to visit me at my natural health blog (HerbScientist) to ask what you’d like know.

Meanwhile, I instead urge you to visit my health blogs to discover what I have posted about natural approaches to health. The overriding key to all of this information is the human biology behind good health. The vast majority of health gurus seem to be nearly totally ignorant of how our bodies are supposed to work. Ditto for mainstream medicine.

I hope my information is a refreshing approach that provides value to you on your health journey.

My Health Blogs

HerbScientist: How to be Healthy Naturally – Views of a Research Scientist.

BestHCGWeightLoss: HCG Weight Loss Diet Information.

Belly Fat Science: How to Lose Belly Fat Simply and Easily Based on Real Science.

The most important one to my fellow baby boomers:

Boomer Health Center: How We Can Achieve Wellness in Spite of Dangerous and Costly Modern Medicine.

Take a look at what I’ve got to say … and enjoy your health journey!

All the best in natural health,
Dr. D


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